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The world of reality and illusion intermingle, existing together in such a close relationship that only an infinitesimal and almost imperceptible line separates them. We are transported to this world of fantastic realities and practical illusions by the Equipo Falso.

Feeding from the art of print, they squeeze out the most academic hyperrealism to create the most dreamlike of surrealism in their work.

Dare to pass through the mirror...




Fábrega Azón, Amado
Bedoya Westall, Alejandro Francisco

Large format canvases painted with textile dyes and acrylic paints

With regard to their subject matter: tropical flowers and fruits, fish, insects, drops of water, details or fragments of urban decoration, abstract drawings, textures, geometric bodies - in many cases using light and shade to create a three dimensional effect.

A selection of their work:

* Barceloneta Residents, Barceloneta Civic Centre, September 2007, collective.

* Barceloneta Residents, Barceloneta Civic Centre, September 2006, collective.

* Barceloneta Residents, Barceloneta Civic Centre, September 2005, collective.

* Heliconia Caribea, 3 x 1.8 m, Clementina Liscano, interior designer.

* Mural Showroom, Barcelona 2006.

* Heliconia Rostrata, 3 x 1.8 m, Bonplant, Landscaping and Gardens.

* Mural showroom, Barcelona 2005.

* Acercamiento Rostro Buda, 2.5x 2.5 m, Blue Mandalay.

* Mural restaurant, Barcelona 2004.

* Selva Humeda, 13 x 3.3 m, Hotel Neri.

* Mural inner courtyard, Barcelona 2003.

* Acercamiento de Flores, 1 x 3 m, Hotel Neri.

* 9 murals for rooms, Barcelona 2003.

* La Santa Cultural Centre, collective exhibitions 2003-1993.

* Individual exhibition, 1996, Barcelona.

* Carlos Santos Company, National Theatre of Catalonia, Props, Equipo Falso.

* Opera: Ricardo y Helena, Barcelona 2000.

* Hipótesi, individual exhibition, three-d-chic, upholstery fabrics, Barcelona 1998.

* Brossa a La Porta, Sala Beckett, Grec '96, Barcelona, stage design and costumes.

* Hotel Isla de Coche, 14 tropical murals, 1992.

* Abstract murals, Hotel Carivik-Caracas, Triptych
7 x 7 m, Caracas 1992, Diptych 5 x 3 m.

* Quadrille, I.D. International, Andrè Matençot, Showroom of hand-painted fabrics, D&D Building, New York 1984-1987.

* Stage design for bathroom in holographic film (director Juan Carlos De Los Rios), New York 1985.

* Hotel Los Bordones, Cumana, Venezuela, 24 tropical murals, 1987.