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The artistic principle developed by Christoph Mertens has clear conceptual implications that result in compelling aesthetic results, using carefully selected materials without any geometrically sterile art being conceived.

Following this principle, Mertens is faithful to a tradition of new reflection and of Concrete Art that can be gauged by present-day standards. The roots of this art date back to the first half of the twentieth century and Christoph Mertens exploits all its fruitful and contemporary potential.

His spatial explorations with different materials, which he was able to put into practice in various locations in Berlin and other towns, are an extraordinarily intelligent extension of "essential" sculpture, as I like to call it; in other words, an artistic practice that focuses fully on the intrinsic qualities of each artistic medium in particular.

In the area of sculpture, this intrinsic medium is space, which Christoph Mertens expresses in a completely new way via minimal but well calculated interventions (such as cuts and folds) in the materials he has selected.

Matthias Bleyl, June 2001



Christoph Mertens.
10 May 1966, Berlin, Germany.

Exhibitions (selection):

* Zeichnung - Skulptur, Galerie Pohl, Berlin.

* Caja Extremadura Award, Spain.

* “Artenavas 05”, Avila, Spain.

* “Abstraktion & Konstruktivität”, Galerie Pohl, Berlin.

* “Rojo quatre”, Iguaygallery, Barcelona.

* “Escultura”, Galeria Segovia Isaacs, Barcelona.

* “Artchange” with Martin Böttcher, Santa Perpetua, Barcelona.

* “Espacio y forma”, Galeria Segovia Isaacs, Barcelona.

* “Begegnungen”, Galerie Meinhold & Reucker, Berlin.

* Collective exhibition, Galerie Ars Nova, Berlin.

* Collective exhibition, Magdeburg.

* “Schnitte”, Galeria Ars Nova, Berlin.

* “Korpus", Städtische Galerie, Wangen.

* “Try 7”, Galerie Parterre, Berlin.

* “Zwischenstation”, Magdeburg.

* “Turn, turn, turn”, Galerie Weißer Elefant, Berlin.

* “Kunst aus der Hauptstadt”, Bremen.

* Exhibition for the competition “Ideen und Pläne”, FHI, Berlin.

* 1998 “Räumereien I”, Kontorhaus, Berlin.

* “Räumereien II”, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich.

* Galerie Stil und Bruch, Ars Nova, Berlin.

* "Transfer", exhibition in Jannowitzbrücke station, Berlin.

* “Einwurf”, collective exhibition in Brecht-Haus, Berlin.

* Centro Culturale S. Giorgetto, Verona, Italy.

* “Teilungen”, individual exhibition in Artificium, Berlin.

* “Kunstwerk”, Ökowerk Teufelssee, Berlin.

* Individual exhibition at the Peter Edel Cultural Centre, Berlin.

Professional details:

* 1986 - 1990 Training and work as stone sculptor / stonemason in Berlin.

* 1991 - 1996 Fine Arts / Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Berlin (Kunsthochschule Berlin - Weißensee) with Prof. Berndt Wilde.

* 1993 Studies and work in Norway with Inge Mahn (Symposium “Nordland”).

* 1994 Placement in Spain at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca, via an Erasmus grant.

* Granted the public project tender organised by Salamanca Council, with the subsequent placement of the sculpture “Unidad Divisible”.

* Participation in the International Meeting of Sculptors at Calaf, Spain.

* 1995 Participation in the Symposium “Dialoge” in Stralsund, Germany.

* 1996 Diploma in Fine Arts, with distinction.

* Master studies with Prof. Berndt Wilde.

* 1997 NaFög scholarship from the Berlin regional government.

* Study placement in New York.

* 1999-2001 Teaching sculpture in the Kunsthochschule Berlin - Weißensee.

* 2000 Assistant to Prof. Berndt Wilde (“Parkhotel Wandlitz” project).

* 2001/02 Placement in Barcelona through the DAAD scholarship.

* 2003 Living and working in Berlin and Barcelona.